Debunking Big Pharma

Debunking Big Pharma’s Lies and Fearmongering

Setting the record straight on Historic drug pricing reforms

The Senate just passed the Inflation Reduction Act which includes historic drug pricing reforms. Big Pharma is continuing to spread lies to scare patients and lawmakers in an attempt to maintain its unilateral power to dictate prices of brand-name drugs. Below, we’re debunking five of the industry’s lies about innovation, access, COVID-19 vaccines, out-of-pocket costs, and partisan priorities, and setting the record straight with the truth about what the drug pricing reforms would mean for patients. 

1. Innovation

Big Pharma’s Lie: Drug pricing reforms will stifle innovation.
The Truth: We can maintain the innovation we need at prices we can afford.

2. Access

Big Pharma’s Lie: Drug pricing reforms will make it harder for patients to get their medications.
The Truth: The biggest barrier to patient access right now is the high prices of drugs. The reforms will increase patient access by lowering prices.

3. Covid-19 Vaccines

Big Pharma’s Lie: Drug companies saved us with their COVID-19 vaccines. Cracking down on their prices now could hinder future vaccine and drug development.
The Truth: Taxpayers saved ourselves. The reforms will ensure this can continue.

4. Out-of-Pocket Costs

Big Pharma’s Lie: Patients only care about lowering out-of-pocket costs. We don’t need reform.
The Truth: We can’t lower out-of-pocket costs without lowering drug prices or we will just wind up paying higher premiums and taxes. We need to lower prices and costs.

5. Bipartisan Support

Big Pharma’s Lie: The package of drug pricing reforms is an unpopular partisan plan pushed by Democratic congressional leaders.
The Truth: Drug pricing reform has overwhelming bipartisan support across the country.